Chronic Stress comes with many health problems, it doesn’t stop with mental health, it effects our physical health too, it can cause Hormonal imbalances, Gut – digestive problems, it even effects your thyroid and adrenals, can cause severe hair loss and in some cases premature greying of hair.

Stress relief 101 keep reading

Stress in today’s life is inevitable and unavoidable but what we can do is learn to become resilient and learn to manage stress better.

Below is the list of 20 tips you need to incorporate in your lifestyle in order to manage through the mess of stress, Mister and Miss-stress lets learn to de-stress.

1. Deep breathing, yes everyone knows about this one but hardly anyone practices it, it activates your parasympathetic nervous system i.e your rest and digest mode and shuts down sympathetic nervous system i.e your fight or flight mode. So Don’t Let your breath and life be shallow.

2. Pray and practice gratitude. Building connection with God, asking Him to help you out of it, reminding yourself that God is bigger than your worries. And the more you are grateful the more things you will get in life to be grateful for.

3. Letting it out by crying it out (seriously crying helps a lot lol, also makes your face glowy >-<).

4. Being active! exercising, going for walks, doing stretches and yoga, all of these increase the happy hormones, endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin. So take a walk in reality not in depressing memory lane.

5. Eat something and hydrate!! The body is under stress in starvation. Eating healthy and the food you like, remember to not over indulge in unhealthy stuff, the one you will feel guilty over later and that in turn would increase stress and could even lead to eating disorders. Follow the 80/20 rule. And go hydrate properly, do the dehydrated plants look good? Not saying you are a plant just an example of course.

6. Journaling, be it a creative journal with stickers and stuff or just jotting down what’s on your mind in youd notes app, it helps a lot. Looking at the bright side, my most beautiful poetries are born after a mental breakdown 💀

7. A relaxing bath or shower, even washing your face with cold water helps to calm the nerves down, try it.

8. Getting enough sleep (7-8hrs every day and getting it at the right time (before midnight) has been shown to dramatically decrease cortisol i.e stress hormone levels and increases dopamine.

9. Being Creative! pick a hobby, diy something. Paint your wall green, cut holes in the tube of your sunscreen, become little mean and go slap the queen, that escalated quickly, please don’t end up making a scene, about few things I was just kidding, The point is creativity boosts dopamine and also you are better off without that chemical sunscreen.

10. Seek counseling, call your therapist, talk to a friend.

11. Help out others, Help out those in dire need makes us worry less about ourselves by generating compassion for them, it also fills you up with sense of gratitude.

12. Clean something! Cleaning is cathartic, and when your surrounding is not messed up your mind will definitely feel less messed up.

13. Listen to something, something that soothes and relaxes you.

14. SET BOUNDARIES. Had to write that in caps 😂. Learn to say no, don’t people please. (I am working on this one too:( )

15. Practice self positive talk. Slap that negative voice down for good.

16. Follow my page on instagram and read my blogs, extremely important step don’t miss this out.

187. Connect with nature, go outside! Observe the beauty of the world. remember, If you feel dead inside you need to go outside.

18. Read good stuff! This is no brainer btw, do i even need to elaborate on this?

19. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself! Stop with the self sabotage, stop beating yourself up, go with the flow. Sometimes all you need is a break.

20. Supplementing with Ashwagandha and Magnesium , Chamomile tea helps with calming the nerves.

Oh oh i know many of you are might be thinking, i ain’t gonna do any of this, the easiest way is to just scroll endlessly through my phone, are you serious? You have been doing that for years then why do you still feel like shit? Well newsflash! Too much of blue light exposure increases cortisol levels.

So less scrolling more strolling🚶🚶🏻

Anddd What helps you de-stress let us know in comments 🙂

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