Guyss i know i know that you want your food to be free from pesticides because well you are not pests, are you? Huh? Oh and also because pesticides have lots of downsides.

To name a few-
  – Irritate the gut lining aka incoming ibs, ibd, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, etc. you get the gist.
  – Disrupts the endocrine system aka your Hormones go haywire
  – Causes inflammation aka joint pain, feeling tired all the time, skin flaring up
  – Causes allergies

Below is the 2023 list of Dirty Dozen as in the veggies and fruits with most pesticides in them and clean 15 as in there is little to no pesticides in them

Now you might be thinking so i need to buy everything organic, right ? Well you should definitely go for it if you can afford it of course But unfortunately organic is not affordable for everyone.

And just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean you don’t look for other options.

And if you are looking for options, then look no further for i come with options uhm solutions. These are specifically for them Dirty dozen!!

1. Still washing stuff like you used to? Stop!!!

Soooo i hope none of you just eat it straight out of the bag without washing it. Because ew, what is wrong with you, well sorry to break it to you but Even if you do wash it then you probably are doing wrong. Because plain water does not remove the pesticides. What does is either low PH or high PH water.

If you have access to alkaline or acidic water then soak your stuff in it for about 10-15 mins, then drain and wash with plain water.
If you don’t have access to alkaline water then make one. HOW? By adding 2tsp of distilled vinegar or a full heaping tsp of baking soda to the tub of water. Its that simple. Investing in a good quality veggie washer brush and scrubing the veggie in question for few seconds after it is soaked would ensure your said veggie is completely free of pesticides.

2. Buy from local market.

If it’s locally grown, it’s hasn’t traveled long distances so less carbon footprint and less wear and tear, plus you get the benefit of fresher, more nutritious food. Although local food is not necessarily grown organically, it can be a better choice. By buying local produce, there can be times that you can chat directly with the farmer about their harvest, it gives you good, direct information in making your choices.

3. Grow your own mini gardern.

This has to be my favorite option. Aside from fresh produce, you get to connect with nature and that alone plays a massive role in healing your body.

Don’t start with “but i don’t have space, i don’t have time, i don’t have money” argument with this one.

Start small, plant a few seeds on your own from fruits and veggies you buy in any sturdy container you have, buy just one or two plants from the nursery first, start from your roof if you lack space, and if you say you don’t have time well it takes less then 15 mins a day to pay attention to your plants, maybe reduce your screentime a bit and you will have some plants time.

To conclude-

Buying organic is really good just not affordable for everyone so these are the solutions i have for those to try.

Sure, some of the options might take a bit longer and requires your energy and time but it is definitely worth it.

If you have other alternatives, i would love to hear from you in comments, we can all learn from each other.

Byeee see you in the next one.

Take care, stay safe, sensible and toxic free.

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