12 Secrets to grow thick and strong hair!

Every single one of us has struggled with severe hairfall, thinning of hair or hair loss pnce in their lifetime so trust me when I say this “you’re not alone.” People experience hair loss due to aging, stress, improper diet and lifestyle habits, improper hair care or hormonal changes. But worry not as today i […]

21 Harmful Ingredients You Probably Didn’t Realize Are In Your Hair-Care Products-

You use hair care and styling products every day — but do you even know what’s actually in them? Take a look inside your bathroom cabinets and drawers. Chances are, you have a collection of hair products that are synthetically derived and filled with substances that can potentially harm your hair. That’s because most country […]


There are no doubts about shifting consumer preferences towards Organic and Natural products. However, one question that remains unanswered for the gullible consumer is, How to know if the product labeled Organic in the retail stores is really Organic? To help you understand better I’ll give you an example-The debate over non-organic and certified organic […]

15 Toxic Chemicals To Avoid In Cosmetics, Skin and Hair care

Are you aware of what’s going inside the products that you put on your face? Are these chemical ingredients safe for your skin and body. 1. Sulfates Sulfates are salts that are formed when sulphuric acid (H2SO4) reacts with another chemical. Sulphates are highly powerful chemical detergents, The same detergents used to degrease car engines! […]