Are you obsessed with staying germ free? Do you wash your hands with 99.99% germ killing soap every hour, okay no one is that crazy right? Right? what’s the Crazier is that you wash your hands and still worry about that 0.01% germs, if you are of those then i will take your hands and dip them in dirt and make you rub those hands all over your clothes and make you wear them all day. I am not kidding, i am serious. Like Sirius Black Sirius. True to my word.

Now i know i know i might sound a bit Riddikulus but not to those who believe in magic, i mean innate immunity and Good Microbiome.

Now What are thoseeee?

Those are my saviors. (i hope you get all the joke references i am making)

The innate immune system is the first line of defense in response to non self and danger signals from microbial invasion or tissue injury. It is increasingly recognized that each organ uses unique sets of cells and molecules that orchestrate regional innate immunity.

In simple words your body is a fortress and when you have a fortress you need protection from invasion, you need soldiers to defend and protect it from the enemies that want to make your fortress their nice cozy 5 star hotel and wreck it up. Now by soldiers i don’t mean oh yes sanitizers! Oh yes isolation! Oh the masks! oh i am a touch me not being! Oh fear the air! Oh not the sun! Oh let me wash my hands after shaking a hand!

By soldiers I MEAN THE GOOD BACTERIAS! And if you are a gremophobe say a lovely goodbye to the good guys with a smacking kiss or a flying one because you are a gremophobe lol.

Now innate immunity and Healthy Microbiome is very closely related, if you don’t have a Healthy Microbiome chances are your immunity is going down the hill.

Now now you might be wondering but how do i get the good guys to work for me?

The answer is to expose yourself to world and stop cooping up in your room. Growth is outside of the comfort zone, remember? How would you go to the war if you never learned how to fight or don’t even have the weapons.

The answer lies in eating more probiotics and prebiotics

The answer lies in fixing the gut dysbiosis.

The answer lies in eating foods that build your immunity.

The answer lies in not popping antibiotics the moment you catch bit of cold because they kill the good bacterias along with the bad ones and its takes so long and hard to form a nice little colony of those little soldiers that you just wiped off of your fortress. This also applies to using Dettol/savlon, blah blah stuff in your bath everyday to kill the germs.
*whispers softly* please don’t do that.

The answer lies in your lifestyle.

Trash your mouthwash, trash your antibiotics and go jump up and down in muddy puddles (i might have watched a bit too much of peppa pig with my niece), but seriously grounding, getting in touch with nature, getting that sunlight, syncing with the circadian rhythm will change your life in a best possible way. And did you know that these good bacterias thrive when you sync with circadian rhythm?

Take a walk in a morning sun barefoot, embrace your wild side, go touch some grass and kiss some flowers.

Oh yes! I know, nobody wants to change. Listen up big guy or a small one or a gal whatever whoever listen up, i am not asking to take a big leap, take a tiny winy step towards it.

Now i am not saying you should be completely unsanitary and dirty, yes you should maintain a good hygiene, absolutely, but dont go crazy with it.

Finally I have got a confession to make, it’s rather embarrassing one,
“the song is called the germ shanty”

“I once was a germaphobe, fearing germs all around the globe
The little good it did to me.
It gave me stress, it gave me anxiety,
when i got sick my body had no immunity
The sanitizer and pills killed my germs the bad and the good ones both of them
And it was me who was to blame
Yes I was kinda lame
But i learnt from my mistakes
Cause my life was at stake
Now this is your cue to undo the wrong you did.”-  yes i wrote that *Insert i am somewhat of a poet myself meme*

End Quote-

If you don’t like bacteria, you’re on the wrong planet.
Stewart Brandon

After all, literally every surface in the world around you is covered in bacteria. Roughly three pounds of your body weight is accounted for by bacteria alone. The idea that things can be “perfectly clean” is a myth — we need bacteria to live.

More importantly, there’s evidence to suggest that exposing yourself to everyday pathogens — such as those carried on our skin, in our intestines, and on the bodies of pets and insects — might actually be good for you, especially if you get exposed at a young age.

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