Disclaimer- All the puns you might stumble upon following article are intended.

Helloo folks! What are the odds, you walked into the lane of someone (me) telling you to walk more.

Don’t worry i won’t torture you with – “what is your step count today?”
“Have you been lousing on the couch all day?”
“What’s your excuse for being lazy? Got somethin to say?”
“Get up, walk, work and play”

Nahhh! I won’t shame you like that
I know you ain’t some nasty little brat
If you are my bad
Not sorry about all that.
I am kidding, lets jump to the real content.

Straight to the point lets cover some quick steps ( i spy a pun) about how walking works wonders on your body.

Wonders of walking:

1. Balances blood sugar.
2. Balances blood pressure.
3.Lowers triglycerides levels
4. Strengthens heart
5. Strengthen immune system
6. Strengthens bones & muscles
7. Reduces inflammation
8. Reduces/prevents back pain
9. Improve your mood, cognition, memory and sleep
10. Improve your balance and coordination
11. Increase energy levels
12. Burns calories
13. Improve muscle endurance
14. Improve cardiovascular health
15. Improves digestion.

Seeee all those benefits are what i am “walking” about. Now you would be a fool to decline all of that you could get with only walking 30-45 mins a day.

If you struggle with time, don’t we all? but hear me out if you are someone who will say “i don’t have enough time to walk” i am going to walk you through some extremely simple steps through which you won’t have to use this excuse.

Don’t be like “ugh but i don’t Everest!”
No excuses, for you ain’t a psychoPATH maybe you are idk:

1. Take a brisk walk for just 10 mins after every meal.
2. Use stairs instead of elevator
3. Go shopping!! (not online duh! in the market or mall)
4. Ever heard of walkie talkie? Yeah get in those steps while talking on the phone instead of being a couch potato
5. If you have a job that requires you to sit at desk a lot use 30-3 rule. Take a walk for 3 mins every 30 mins.
6. If you are a mom, play chase/tag etc with your kids
7. Use your legs instead of a vehicle for a going to nearby places
8. Ever tried skipping? Not talking about skipping school or skipping the walk. Talking about skipping rope.
9. Dance it out! come on! could it be more fun!!
10. You could also jog on the spot!! I mean it doesn’t get easier than that!
11. Now suppose you are someone (psychopath) who would say “but its so boring” , hello have you tried listening to something while walking?

So from today no excuses ladies and gentlemen, you walk more talk less. And do as i say. “Psss (manipulative voice on) it’s for your own good”.

You better get some steps in until we meet next time. Byeeee.

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