What is a circadian rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is your body’s biological clock.

Circadian rhythm regulates your sleep-wake cycle, hormone production, and various psychological and physiological processes. When this rhythm gets out of sync, it leads to sleep disorders, fatigue, and a range of health issues.

You might have heard the term wake with the sun, sleep with the sun. So Your body has good microbes that live according to the rising and setting of the sun, this good microbes help you live optimally but When you stay up all night those microbes do not thrive, ergo you dont thrive.

In modern life of screens and artificial bluelight where you are deprived of the natural sunlight by staying in all day your circadian rhythm gets disrupted.

Here is what you got to do to reset your circadian rhythm:

1. Stop being a late late night owl-

Look when You were a night owl nobody bat an eye, especially you lol but now its getting out of hand.

You are not a night owl anymore you are a late late night owl.
You sleep at 2 am everyday now.

What is this behavior pooja?

Heyyy i know its super hard for some people who suffer from sleep issues including myself to sleep super early go to bed, close your eyes and tada!! Asleep within a min. Nope that doesn’t happen with us.

But we gotta optimize our sleep schedule a bit don’t you think?

If you are going to bed at 2 am every night don’t be surprised by the mess you turn out to be during the day.

Sleep well, be well!!

Wanna know what i do to optimize my sleep? Read this article

2. Physical activity!!

Yea yeah you should have seen this one coming.

Being stationary is for the trees not humans okay?? get moving!!

I am not telling you to go to gym or do long workouts, just move keep your body throughout the day. Stay active.

Move well, be well!

3. Eat mindfully.

More pre and probiotics, more nutrient dense diet, minimal junk and minimal processed food is the way to go.

Eat well, be well!!

4. Manage your stress

If you are doing every healthy thing to become healthy but not managing stress thats probably why you are not healthy.


You could be eat the most nutritious diet there is.
You could be killing all your workouts
You could be sleeping like a baby during the night (although that one is kind of hard for a stressor)

But if you are not managing your stress you are doing it all wrong.

Stress is inevitable, so “don’t stress” ain’t the option. Managing it, is.

If you don’t know how to, i have the article just here for you.

Stress well, be well!!

5. Connect with nature.

It’s no secret that nature heals, reduces stress and grounds you.

Nature is filled all the healthy microbiomes.

Let the sunshine get into your eyes (i don’t mean you stare directly at the sun) and let it touch your skin, Early in the morning 7am-10am or evening 4pm-6pm.

Take a walk in the park. Barefoot preferably

Grow some plants.

Stare at the sunsets and sunrises and appreciate the beauty

Listen to the birds chirping

Look at the stars and look how they shine for you

Stare at the sky dream about being a bird, dream about eating those cotton candy clouds (ps-it wasn’t my intention to get weird i promise…. actually be a bit weird that might bring your body back into balance)

Anyways you get the gist.

Most of the things i mentioned in article are priceless for your health and are absolutely free.

The only thing stopping you is you.

Now go get it.

Until next time.


Be well! farewell folks!

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