Red meat has been demonized so much in the recent years its insane that something as nutritious as meat could be shamed like this, there have been plenty of false accusations and claims on our precious and nourishing Red meat.

For millions of years our ancestors hunted and ate meat and a 60 y/o back then was more healthier than your average 16 y/o today. Yes there are many factors aside for eating meat but eating meat was one of the factors!

I mean this is the prime example of how all good things come to an end. They truly don’t want us happy, thriving and healthy.

But we can’t let this happen people! We have to take a stand! we have to speak up for what’s right! we have to bring the red meat back to the table and eat it with our bare hands! Okay that was too much, no need to get uncivilized.

Before we proceed let me sprinkle some benefits of meat:

1. Meat is an excellent source of protein it has both essential and non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), some of which you can’t get from plant-based food.

2. Meat has no carbohydrates and thus little to no impact on your blood sugar levels.

3. Meat is an excellent source of highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals, including several B vitamins, copper, heme-iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin E, zinc and more.

4. Meat is a great source of healthy, saturated fats that won’t clog your arteries.

5. Organ meats, such as liver, have the highest concentrations of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) per pound, making them nature’s ultimate superfood.

6. Meat has vitamin K2 (MK-4) — the most bioavailable form of vitamin K to support bone and dental health.

7. Meat is rich in creatine, which plays an important part in muscle and brain function

8. Meat is the pro anti-inflammatory food there is. You start carnivore/ Mikhalia Peterson’s lions diet for a month and will 100% notice the inflammation in your body go down. (Although i believe omnivore diet is the way because you were born one)

9. People who eat meat suffer from higher energy levels and high libido, so are I guess it’s a good suffer.

10. It’s deeeeeliicious and mouth watering and dreamy and juicy and yummy and it’s protein and it’s the truth and it’s…. i could go on forever you get the gist.

Now Lets take a look at some of the accusations against meat:

1. Eating meat increases the risk of heart disease

2. It clogs your arteries

3. All the saturated fat content will raise your cholesterol level.

4. Red meat can lead to cancer.

5. It’s full of hormones.

6. It has parasites and bacteria

7. Meat Increases Your Risk of Premature Death

Now Let’s shoot these accusations down and bury them deep in the ground:

Lets tackle 1,2 and 3 together

The myth that Eating meat increases the risk of heart disease, It clogs your arteries and All the saturated fat content will raise your cholesterol level is a common one and has stuck around since 1960 because of guy named Ancel Keys. This myth could not be further away from the truth.

Whyyy well let me explain in short, Ancel Keys came up with his “seven countries study” because of prevelent heart attacks in 1950.

Ancel Benjamin Keys, a physiologist with a PhD from Cambridge University, stamped his ‘diet heart’ hypothesis into the consciousness of Paul Dudley White, a founder-member of the AHA (AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION)

Keys was able to launch his ‘diet heart’ hypothesis because there was little science available in the 1950s that could explain the near-epidemic of heart attacks among middle-aged Americans. He presented his “seven countries study” displaying a clear association between eating greater amounts of saturated fats and deaths due to heart disease. The seven countries were the US, Japan, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Finland. But the method behind the study was seriously flawed because Keys had cherry-picked these countries as they supported his hypothesis. He left out 15 countries that did not reveal any association between saturated-fat consumption and heart mortality. He conveniently ignored Denmark, France, Sweden and Norway, each of which had relatively few deaths from heart attacks in spite of sporting diets with lots of saturated fats. And Chile, on the other hand, had a high cardiac mortality despite eating little saturated fats. An unbiased investigator would have realised these problems in Keys’ hypothesis – as they do now – but didn’t: they hadn’t been presented with the complete data.

Oh and newsflash towards the end of his career he did mention that there was no relationship between saturated fat and heart disease. And that his study was flawed.

Another newsflash Saturated fats and dietary cholesterol are actually good for you!! Yes you heard that right! they don’t increase the risk of developing heart disease as you have been brainwashed to think (defense of saturated fats and cholesterol deserve their own separate special blog)
And there are 2 types of cholesterols
HDL the good one and LDL the bad one. MEAT DEFINITELY DOES NOT INCREASE LDL.

What does cause chronic disease, increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and chronic inflammation is the consumption of industrial seed oils (i.e. vegetable oils) because they contain high amounts of volatile, unstable and inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids (and omega-6 in particular) that get oxidized very quickly.

So don’t blame it on meat for what the Aunt Poly did! (poly as in poly unsaturated fats i hope you read all that)

4. Red meat can lead to cancer.

After the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in 2015 that consuming red and processed meats could increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, many people got concerned and started reducing their meat intake.

The problem is that studies such as the one published by the WHO rely on weak, observational evidence and results from animal studies and test tubes.

There is literally NO and i mean NO, ZERO, NULL, NONE compound found in a good quality meat sourced from a pasture raised cattle that is carcinogenic.

I consider drawing these conclusions like “the meat will give you cancer and kill you” to be that of a reductionist thinking that keeps a mankind from living the way its supposed to live.

Oh and there are in fact several studies (not just the observational ones) conducted that show meat does not increase your cancer risk.

5. It’s full of hormones.

It’s a absurd that the FDA allows farmers to use steroid hormones to fatten up the cattle. However, current regulations forbid the use of hormones in dairy cows, veal calves, pigs and poultry.

More importantly, just because it’s legal to raise cattle for beef with steroids, that doesn’t mean you have to buy it. There’s plenty of beef out there that is completely free of hormones, so now no need to have beef with this argument.

The solution to that is to buy from the source that doesn’t hormonized their cattle.

6. It has parasites and bacteria

Sooo its true that improperly handled meat/ poultry carries risk of food poisoning due to the natural occurrence of salmonella bacteria. You don’t eat it raw do you? Cooking it!! heat!!? Will kill them so enjoy your meat, and meat me on the side of cool people.

Oh and did you know the veggies, grains and legumes you consider healthy are sprayed with tons of pestisides!! And Those pestisides destroy the lining of your gut?

Now i am not opposed to eating those, i am an omnivore, i want both veg and non veg. Sooo what to do in that case?
Check this small article out.

7. Meat Increases Your Risk of Premature Death.

Oh yeah what a smart reason to come up with when nothing else worked. I guess i will have to live a long healthy life (God Willing) eating meat while watching sunset to prove you wrong. Oh wait but would the ones who came up with this reason while drowning in seed oils and toxic chemicals still be there?

That’s it for today, see you in the next one,

Be silly, mooo like a cow, eat some meat


Stay safe, sensible and toxic free💞 Byeeee.

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