Your lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining your hair and skin health. High exposure to pollution outdoors, combined with undue amounts of work pressure and Stress, unhealthy diet, products usage, etc makes it quite a challenge to ensure the regular and healthy growth of hair. This often leaves your hair appearing limp, weak and prone to excessive shedding.

Here are some simple yet highly effective guidelines that will guarantee a nourished and healthy hair.

Few Tips For Healthy Hair Growth:

1. Avoid Excessive Washing Or Insufficient washing of your hair.
While shampooing hair twice or Thrice a week is necessary to remove dirt and to clean the hair, doing so every day strips off the hair’s natural oils and makes it dry.
Also Not washing the hair for too long may also make your hair greasy and that would lead to clogging of pores and accumulation of dirt will ultimately lead to hairfall. Read: How to use sulfate-free shampoos properly.

2. Thoroughly Massage The Scalp.
Completely massage the scalp with natural hair oil, such as Grape-seed oil, Wheat-germ, Flaxseed oil or Olive oil, 2-3 times a week, dabbing it on with your fingertips in circular motions. This greatly stimulates blood circulation to the hair roots, promoting hair growth while also preventing dryness. You might be Oiling you hair the wrong way and causing more harm than good to it so read – Correct way of Oiling your hair.

3. Avoid Products Full Of Harmful Chemicals.
It is so vital to know the ingredients you have been applying in your hair. It’s about time you start reading the the backside label.
Use a mild shampoo and conditioner without any harmful chemicals such as sulfate, Parabens, Silicones. Read: How are silicones based hair products further damaging your hair? Why Should you ditch products containing sulfates and Parabens?

4. Ditch Heat styling tools.
While blow drying, straightening or curling your hair might give feel of softness and maintenance to your hair, using these tools are harmful and the damage the follicles of your hair strand and weaken the hair root. Once in a while it’s okay and by once in a while I mean thrice in a whole year lol but seriously though they are not worth it.

5. Proper brushing.
Brushing the hair Atleast once in day is vital as it stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp but remember to not over do it.
One of the most common mistakes people make is that they brush their hair directly after the shower, Hair is at its weakest whilst wet, the roots are really loose because of water weighing them down so you should wait until your hair has dried upto 60% before combing through. You should wait for 10-15 even after application of oil. Make sure to use wide toothed comb.

6. Consume A Balanced Healthy Diet.
The main constituents of hair being protein, a diet with elevated protein content is central for reviving hair growth. Also, remember to include healthy fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals by adding seasonal and local fresh fruits and vegetables to daily meals. Checkout: Ultimate Nutrients to Nourish your skin and hair.

Superfood seeds to be added in your diet for healthy skin and hair

7. Regularly Trim The Ends.
The edges of hair at the bottom tend to often be uneven, rough and brittle. This causes hair to thin, become frail and display a very worn outlook. The easiest solution is routinely cutting hair ends, once every three to four months, to get rid of split ends and maintain thick hair.

8. Hydration Is The Key.
Drinking the right amount of water confers immense incentives not just for skin, heart and gut health, but for hair growth too. Water is truly the elixir of life and washes out toxins from the body, thereby circumventing illnesses and enhancing the absorption of nutrients by hair roots, assuring robust hair growth.

9. Take Additional Supplements if required.
Nutrients such as Biotin and other B complex Vitamins, Vitamin E, A and C, Zinc and Iron are very important for healthy hair growth so if you are not meeting the needs through your diet it’s important to take these supplements, they will accelerate the proliferation of follicles and provide umpteen benefits for hair health. It’s important to not depend on these supplements for whole life, they are good but if you could get these from consuming a healthy diet than why waste money on supplements right? Checkout: Ultimate Nutrients to Nourish your skin and hair.

10. Deep Conditioning Is Essential.
Conditioning hair after a wash might take just a few minutes but is very important for improving the wellness and texture of hair. The nourishing ingredients in the conditioner add moisture and volume to hair, preventing frizziness and dullness. This is beneficial for the lengthy and revitalised growth of hair.

Haircare is more than just that routine of shampooing and conditioning once or twice a week. A wholesome diet, sufficient hydration, proper supplementation, regular oil massage and regular maintenance are also part of the magical cocktail that is the secret to attaining rejuvenated, long and healthy tresses.

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